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We understand the delicacy of the selection process for individuals needing health care and we understand the intricacies of providing the right personnel to meet their needs. INEA brings certainty to what can often be an uncertain world for individuals battling ill health.

  • We provide you with extensive experience and commitment to the highest quliaty ideals.
  • No matter when you call, you will always speak with an experienced staff who can ensure co-ordinated services and continuity of care.
  • Our on- call coordinators are always available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  • All our health care professionals have undergone a stringent personal assessment and receive ongoing education.
  • We are aware of our staff been trained to respect and facilitate the religion and cultural need of patients.
  • We understand that our clients are away home and hence family members may escort them and they too need support.


I most heartily and highly recommend your agency to everyone requiring a compassionate and committed carer Thank you for your tireless efforts that made all difference after my hospital admission After having been diagnosed with a terminal illness you managed to provide the care that one can only dream of .